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If you’ve been following Zegal’s blog for a while now, you might’ve noticed the introduction of a whole new range of articles with various topics submitted by guest authors:

But we also understand if you’re already suffering from content overload on your email and social media feeds.

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So because we know you wouldn’t want to miss out on the valuable CEO lessons, career advice, and the latest happenings in technology, we’ve consolidated them all to get you covered.

Check out our 10 most popular guest blogs for the month of October 2016:

#1: Lessons of a CEO #4

Who better to contribute to Zegal’s blog than our very own CEO? It’s taken many tough lessons to grow Zegal to where we are today and, as with all good things, they deserve to be shared! Also read this blog to learn a new meeting framework we invented to keep our 50-strong team aligned with the same goals.


#2: 3 Career Planning & Development Lessons from my Apprentice Asia TV Experience

Did you know – we have a superstar among #TeamDragon?

Andrea Loh, one of our Sales Managers in Singapore, was invited to be part of the global F*ckup Nights initiatives to share…you guessed right – the time(s) she probably thought she f*cked up. Her road less traveled includes 2 years as a litigation lawyer, coming in as runner-up for The Apprentice Asia, then spending 2 years in India working for a tech startup, returned to Singapore to ‘figure life out’, and then joining #TeamDragon 9 months later.

Andrea is now one of the best members of our ever-growing Sales team, and she has some lessons to share.


#3: 4 Important Things to Note when Scaling your Online Marketplace

Starting any business is hard and comes with many challenges, but growing is even harder. Whether you’re an online or offline business, it’s easy to lose focus when you’re just starting out and eager to scale.

Kenneth Low, Co-Founder of Arcadier, urges you to focus on these 4 most important things.


#4: Is Cyber Security about to get an AI takeover?

Zegal’s intelligent document builder has changed the way thousands of businesses manage legal work.

Will Artificial Intelligence go to Cyber Security next?

Read PatSnap’s analysis

#5: International growth: Getting it right

Asian legal systems have a number of differences from their Western counterparts, including when it comes to business law. One must be careful not to make sweeping assumptions.

This piece by financial journalist Alexander Honeyman outlines the must-knows if you are running an international company with business dealings in Asia. Learn how the financial regulations, legal systems and corporate cultures compare internationally:

Read International Growth: Getting it Right


#6: Beyond 2016: Technology Skills of the Future

Never in history have new technologies evolved as quickly as now. Newly-acquired skills are fast becoming obsolete. Keep up, or risk being replaced! Gpayroll unveils the most in-demand IT skills that will prepare you for the future.

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#7: 5 ways Outsourcing can Help Grow your Business

Do you have too much on your plate? So do we! Rachel of Dubai-based law firm AlHanaee shares the 5 ways you can use outsourced consultants to accelerate your business growth.

#8: How to Select A Payroll Software that is Right for You

Yes, spreadsheets are great for simple calculations for a handful of employees. But what if you have part-timers? Contractors? Some requiring CPF and levy contributions, all at different levels? Do you know your formulae?

How about just use a reliable payroll software with built-in calculators according to your local Employment Act, so you don’t make these costly mistakes?

Sebastian Kang, Co-Founder of Talenox, tells you what to look out for when evaluating payroll software.

Read on: Essentials of Payroll Software

#9: Which Payroll Method Works Best For You?

Also on the hot topic of payroll, Gpayroll wants to help you evaluate the payroll method that works best for you:


#10: Guide to Incorporating your Company in Singapore

While Singapore is one of the easiest places in the world to set up a business, it can still be challenging to keep track of a running list of to-dos. Our trusted partner, Ottavia, has come up with the ultimate list of to-dos and must-know procedures for a zero-hiccup incorporation process in Singapore. They’ve even summed it up in a simple infographic that you can download here.

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