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The team at Zegal are a tightly-knit group that grow stronger as time goes on. We asked one of Zegal’s longest standing employees, Kevin Harrison, to give us the downlow on his journey with the company, as well as his own. 

Kevin Harrison,

Product and Quality Manager, Hong Kong

Kevin Harrison with wife Sarah
How long have you been with Zegal?
I’ve known Daniel [Walker, Founder of Zegal] for many years. He got me involved as a copyeditor with Zegal almost from the beginning, back in 2014. I’ve seen a lot of changes since then. Wow, time has flown by!
What’s your job title?
I am Product and Quality Manager, so I get to look after the quality of the Zegal documents. And there are a lot of documents! I also make sure a Zegal user gets the experience they are expecting, so part of my job is to predict how someone might use the app and make sure everything works seamlessly. My original job with Zegal was as a copyeditor, looking after the quality of the documents on the app, but it has evolved to include more to do with what goes on behind the scenes. I love being part of something that has such powerful tech in the background, but that seems so simple for users. So now I spend part of my day going through documents with a fine-toothed comb, part of my day on quality control of new content, and part of my day training younger staff. 
What are some of the biggest challenges of your job at Zegal?
Zegal progresses so quickly. Keeping up with the fast pace of development is a fun challenge – sometimes the end of a week can look quite different from the beginning. I also have to have a good eye for detail. With so much happening so quickly at Zegal, ensuring everything is as near perfect as possible isn’t easy. I’m good at solving puzzles though!
What has been a really satisfying moment in your job that brought you happiness? 
Some of the documents on the Zegal app are very complicated, so when I finish one on the Zegal system and it is working perfectly, it is very rewarding. I probably get the most happiness though from passing on my experience to newer, younger staff who will be the heart of the Zegal team for a long time to come.
What did you do before you worked for Zegal? 
In a previous life, I was a bridge engineer in the UK. If you’ve ever seen a vehicle weight limit on a bridge, that was me! I came to Hong Kong nearly 20 years ago and started a tutoring business, which I still do. Working with kids is always fun, and it’s so rewarding to know you can make a difference to their lives.
What’s it like where you grew up? 
I grew up in a new town in the south of England. The town is exactly the same age as me, but I’m not telling you how old that is! My previous answer might give you a clue though! I used to spend as much time playing outside as I was allowed, and sometimes more than I was allowed! All the kids who lived on my street would play together. It was a nice way to grow up, and I encourage my kids to do the same today, though they have a lot more distractions at home than I did (thanks Netflix!).
Home for Kev on Lamma Island
What do you like to do for fun outside of the office?
I am lucky that I live on a quiet island in Hong Kong, with no cars or other traffic. It’s not the image most people have of the city. There are some lovely hikes just a few minutes away from my house, so I love to go for long walks in the hills with my wife whenever I get the chance. We also love to invite people to our house for dinner. I love cooking, especially on my barbecue when the weather is good, which it generally is in Hong Kong. I didn’t use to cook outside very often when I lived in England! 
What’s the best thing about the Zegal office and team?
The Zegal team is great fun to work with. Everyone knows they are part of something new and exciting. I always have questions to ask, and there are always brilliant people to answer them! 
Do you have any fun stories to share about your time so far at Zegal?
Zegal is always fun! I do remember a Christmas party back in 2015. We hired an old-fashioned Hong Kong tram, and I had other commitments that meant I needed to meet part way through the evening. But the venue was a moving tram that was hard to find in busy downtown Hong Kong! I ended up running after the tram for 10 minutes before I could get on. Everybody enjoyed a good laugh when I finally caught up!
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