Overview of a BYOD Policy

What is a BYOD Policy?

A Bring Your Own Device Policy covers an employee’s acceptable use of personal devices on corporate networks, defines security controls, and describes supported devices and apps.

A Bring Your Own Device Policy also outlines the company’s position and governance on the use of such devices and ensures that the company’s network security is not compromised.

A Bring Your Own Device Policy sets out the company’s rights in determining how data should be used and protected, including the period after the employee no longer works for the company. It defines the rights and duties between employees and the company, including the company’s right to access the employee’s device for security reasons. The policy also outlines the procedure during termination of employment, as well as disciplinary consequences for violations.

Key points included

  • Acceptable activities for business purposes;
  • Audio/visual capabilities of approved devices;
  • Approved and excluded applications; and
  • Password protection and security management.

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