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How to create a Consent to Act as Authorised Representative of Singapore Branch template

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What is a Consent to Act as Authorised Representative of Singapore Branch Template?

“Consent to Act as Authorized Representative of Singapore Branch,” is a formal declaration where an individual provides their consent to act as an authorized representative for a specific branch of a company in Singapore.

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The purpose of this document is to establish the individual’s willingness to take on the role of an authorized representative and fulfill the responsibilities associated with it. In Singapore, an authorized representative is a person appointed by a foreign company to represent and act on behalf of its Singapore branch. The authorized representative serves as a liaison between the branch and relevant authorities, ensuring compliance with local regulations and facilitating communication.

This document is typically used when a foreign company establishes a branch in Singapore and needs to appoint an authorized representative to fulfill the legal requirements. It may be required during the incorporation process or when there are changes in the authorized representative’s appointment. This helps the shareholders and directors focus on the primary branch.

The components of the document generally include:

  1. Title: “Consent to Act as Authorized Representative of Singapore Branch.”
  2. Date: The date when the document is prepared.
  3. Individual Information: The name, identification details, and contact information of the individual consenting to act as the authorized representative.
  4. Company Information: Details about the foreign company and its Singapore branch, including the branch’s name, address, and registration number.
  5. Declaration of Consent: A clear statement by the individual providing their consent to act as the authorized representative of the Singapore branch.
  6. Responsibilities and Duties: An outline or reference to the responsibilities and duties of the authorized representative, as defined by the relevant laws and regulations.
  7. Effective Date: The date from which the consent to act as the authorized representative is valid.
  8. Signatures: The individual’s signature and, if required, the signature of a company representative.

The document is typically prepared by the company’s legal team or authorized representatives and may require notarization or certification. The individual consenting to act as the authorized representative and a representative of the foreign company are the primary members involved in the document.

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