Overview of an Employee Privacy Notice

What is an Employee Privacy Notice?

One of the key requirements imposed by GDPR is the transparency on the collection and use of personal information. Individuals have the right to be informed about what you do with their personal information. While you create a Privacy Policy to inform your customers about your privacy practices, you also need to do the same with your employees, workers and contractors.

Key points included

The Employee Privacy Notice sets out:

  1. what information you collect about employees, workers and contractors;
  2. how you use, share, store, and secure their information; and
  3. how they may access and control their information.

Apart from issuing this Employee Privacy Notice, you may also wish to amend the personal data provision in existing contracts with employees by the Letter to Amend Employment Contract.

You may wish to invite employees, workers and consultants to acknowledge their receipt and understanding of this Employee Privacy Notice by signing on a copy of the Employee Privacy Notice.

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