Overview of an Employee Privacy Notice

What is an Employee Privacy Notice?

An Employee Privacy Notice is a statement that defines how an employer collects and processes employee data.

An Employee Privacy Notice needs to be communicated to the employees before collecting any of their information online or offline.

Individuals have the right to be informed about what you do with their personal information. While you create a Privacy Policy to inform your customers about your privacy practices, you also need to do the same with your employees, workers, and contractors.

The Employee Privacy Notice sets out:

What information do you collect about employees, workers, and contractors?

This basically defines what personal information is being collected for the purpose of employment. Most of the business collects this information from employees while joining the organization and verifies it with the help of a third party. Name, address, phone number, educational qualification, and previous experience are some basic things that almost every organization collects from their employees.

How do you use, share, store, and secure their information?

The Employee Privacy Notice also defines how the collected information from employees is being used, stored, and secured. It is very crucial for any organization to safeguard their employee data because it can lead to a security breach.

How they may access and control their information?

Employees have the right to access their personal information if needed and they can also ask for rectification if the stored data are not accurate.

Why is an Employee Privacy Notice important for an organization?

A well-drafted Employee Privacy Policy will help an employee understand how their data are being used and processed by the organization. It will also build up trust between business and their employees because employees can have a legal binding if anything wrong goes with their data. One of the key requirements imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is transparency on the collection and use of personal information. So, it is very important for an organization to let their employees know about the Employee Privacy Notice before collecting any of their personal information.


Every organization needs to collect their employee’s information for many reasons. So, it’s always wise to have a well-drafted Employee Privacy Notice which will explain the motive behind collecting and storing that information. It will also help provide legal ground to both parties for collecting and using the data which can also minimize the risk of a future dispute.

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