Overview of an Annual Leave Request Letter

 Must include information in a leave request letter

  • Leave start and end date: be sure to mention the exact dates you will be on leave for.

  • Reason for leave: provide a reason for your absence time to explain why you will be on leave.

  • Cover up: do explain who will handle your responsibilities in your absence or how your tasks for the duration will be completed. 

  • Contact information of the coworker covering for you: if you have clients, do provide them with the contact number of your colleague who will be covering for you, so you can remain undisturbed during your leave. 

  • Emergency contact information: while it is understood that you are not to be disturbed during your leave period, do provide contacts details so you can be reached during special cases of emergency.

  • Supporting documents: Sometimes your leave could be for a long or extended period of time. For such cases, so provide documents such as an application or doctor’s note if it is required as per the company’s policy. 

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