Your favourite online legal software – now available in Australia

By Alex, Updated: 2023-01-18 (published on 2017-02-01)

From Zero to One to Five

The idea for Zegal started in 2012 as two ambitious lawyers who dreamt about revolutionising the way businesses perceived and managed legal.

Daniel Walker and Jake Fisch, Co-Founders of Zegal (2012). Read the story

We’re stoked to announce today that Zegal, the business that was born out of Daniel’s living room, has launched into our fifth country, Australia, with a suite of 44 documents designed for startups to use.

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Your favourite online legal software – now available in Australia
Zegal now available for 4 countries: Hong Kong, SingaporeNew Zealand, and Australia


The launch of our Startup Plan in Australia promises Australian startups a suite of 44 documents they will need through the phases of Pre-Startup, Startup, Growth, and Maturity. Subscribers pay a one fixed price upfront for a personalised on-boarding session, and a monthly subscription to get unlimited access to the document library to create, store, and organise their documents.


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To celebrate our launch, we will waive the on-boarding fee (worth AUD 1,100) for all users who sign up for a Startup Plan in Australia or New Zealand for the month of February.

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By signing up for a free trial, you also get to upload and e-sign your documents for free. No more bulky attachments and unnecessary printing and scanning!

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The availability of multiple user accounts also lets you share documents and set permissions and workflow. This means your team managers can be empowered to create documents or access legal help whenever they need – cutting out unnecessary back-and-forth administrative processes.

Zegal Startup Plan
Zegal’s for Startups. View 44 documents for Australia


What sets Zegal apart is most notably the availability of expertise and support from our Client Service team. While the idea of legal self-service sounds appealing; we understand if you still have questions! Help is just a click away within your Zegal app.

What’s next for Zegal in Australia and New Zealand?

Keep an eye out for increased Dragon activity in ANZ – we’ll have Dragons on the ground who will play a huge role in developing the startup ecosystems in Australia and New Zealand, especially with our signature Legal Academy series of events.

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