Overview of a Company Secretary Resignation Letter

What is a Company Secretary Resignation Letter?

A Company Secretary’s Letter of Resignation is a document to keep a formal record of the resignation of a company secretary.

A Company Secretary’s Letter of Resignation can also help ensure that the outgoing company secretary cannot make any future claims against the company.

Company Secretary’s Letter of Resignation is also used to give notice to an employer of the company secretary’s resignation, including the intended last day of work.

How do I resign as a company secretary (UK)?

Unless stated in a company’s articles of association, a secretary’s resignation is not subject to board approval, hence a company secretary simply needs to hand in a letter of resignation to the company.

Key points included

  • Details of the company;
  • Full name of the company secretary that is resigning;
  • Date of resignation; and
  • Date of the letter of resignation.

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