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In-app Editor

Our in-app editor works right in your browser, and it’s 100% compatible with DocX so you can collaborate with your colleagues to revise, comment and redline contracts entirely online, tracking each version and ensuring no input is ever lost on an email again.

Runs in your browser

Nothing to download, and no plugins. Just a beautiful, feature-rich editor that works securely in whichever browser you use.
browser-in-app editor


Zegal automatically creates a new version of your contract and saves it with a new version number each time somebody opens the document, or if you have made edits, left and then come back again to make further changes. You can jump compare versions and restore previous versions at any time.
version-in-app editor

Activity log

The activity log shows you at a glance who has viewed, made edits, commented, approved or signed the contract. We store this information with every contract you create on Zegal so you have a full audit log of the contract journey.

Collaboration features

For each guest you invite to work on your contract, you decide their access control. From view only, to commenter, editor, or full document owner status. All the activity is logged in your Activity Log.
-app editor

Document chat

Use in-document chat if you are working with someone in your team or a lawyer you’ve appointed through Zegal. Each chat session is automatically linked to the specific contract by its own unique channel so you can work on as many contracts as you need without gettting conversations mixed up.
document-in-app editor

All the editing features you’d expect

Copy & Paste

Redo & Undo
Image & Table Sizing

Images and tables
Text fields
in-app editor

in-app editor
in-app editor
Header & Footer
in-app editor
Text & Paragraph Formatting

in-app editor
Bullets & Numbering
in-app editor
Table Formatting
Page Settings

and Many More