Overview of a Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

What is a Disciplinary Policy and Procedure?

A Disciplinary Policy and Procedure provides a framework for a company to handle situations where employees have not met the required standards of conduct.

A Disciplinary Policy and Procedure policy is intended to ensure prompt, consistent, and fair treatment for all employees and to enable both the employee and the company to be clear about the expectations of both parties.

A Disciplinary Policy and Procedure helps to ensure a relationship of mutual trust between a company and its employees by setting out a proper process for handling issues such as unsatisfactory behaviour, performance, or attendance.

Key points included

  • Required standards of conduct;
  • Outline of disciplinary procedures;
  • Process for making appeals;
  • Suspension of employee benefits (if any); and
  • Gradual steps leading to dismissal (or alternatives to dismissal).

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