“All We Have To Do Is Answer a Few Simple Questions” – Zegal Makes It Easy for Founders To Create Legal Documents

By Alex, Updated: 2023-01-18 (published on 2016-05-03)

Anita and Maggie (1)

“After years of exploring the world, we realised that all of our best experiences and discoveries had one thing in common: Someone took us there.”

– Maggie Lau and Anita Chan, Co-Founders, Sam the Local

Sam the Local helps users book customised outings with locals based on their interests. There’s something for everyone: history, local food, photography, and more.

Historical stories with Ricky L. Local food and stories with Nicole C. Photography with Michael K. Food exploration with Amanda L.
“With a community of more than 300 locals and users in our database and growing – and just two of us founders in the team – there was no way we could’ve found time to deal with legal.”

– Anita Chan, Co-Founder, Sam the Local



I remember before Zegal where my Co-Founder and I would spend hours searching online for legal templates; then changing, editing, and finalising them. Even after that we still weren’t reassured – did these templates reflect the latest law changes? How would they apply in Hong Kong, where our business was incorporated? We still ended up taking documents to the lawyers’ for a final review – this took away precious time as well as made a significant dent in the pocket.

All that changed with Zegal.

Neither Maggie nor I are legally-trained; but Zegal’s technology allows us to self-service legal document creation, in a manner that is easy yet reassuring.

The app interface couldn’t get any easier – all we have to do is answer a few simple questions, and the app works its magic. The result: Legally-sound contracts that are tailored to suit each of our business needs. The ability to customise gives us full knowledge and control of what goes into our business contracts, all while saving significant costs.

“Zegal’s technology allows us to self-service legal document creation, in a manner that is easy yet reassuring.”

At this stage of our business, growing our user base is key. Maggie and I are always on the road in separate meetings, and hardly have the time to sit down together to negotiate contracts, much less deal with the inefficiencies of going back and forth on email.

Zegal’s dual user access allows us to stay on top of the new contracts that are being created. We are also able to access, share and sign documents on-the-go, and have them stored securely in the cloud. This convenience gives us more time to focus on our business. It’s our one-stop shop for legal.

We are now on the route to raising funds for Sam the Local, thus making it even more important that we establish a solid legal foundation. We acknowledge that a traditional law firm will be able put us on the right track, but here’s the Zegal magic: For the simple, rudimentary tasks, you don’t often need to go to the extent of paying for one.

We live chat the Zegal service team who very clearly points us to the right contract we need, and recommends a lawyer in their network should we need any advice beyond what is provided in their app. The bottom-line is this: As business owners, you should be able to look at other alternatives and pay for a lawyer only when you need it.

Learn how Zegal’s technology enables you to create contracts that are legally-binding for Singapore and Hong Kong.

“Convenient, trustworthy and easy.”

– Anita Chan, Co-Founder of Sam the Local

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