Technology and Teamwork in the Remote Workplace

Date published: 2020-11-06   — by Primasia

In today’s post COVID-19 world, companies have been forced to re-evaluate their priorities, business strategies, and employee management. Technology and Teamwork are now at the forefront, to boost employee collaboration and increase productivity.  When employees are sharing responsibilities, i.e. working together as a team, it makes it easier to address and complete tasks. In the workplace, this leads to happier employees and boost collaboration- keeping the creativity flowing and business booming.

Technology has been a phenomenal help in both helping with teamwork and collaboration; with so many applications, websites, and hardware taking remote communication and working from home (#WFH) from questionable to distinctly possible. When used efficiently, the integration of technology in both office life and in a remote setting can lead to workplace goals being met, creating greater successes and bigger opportunities.

Technology and Teamwork in the Remote Workplace

Technology and Teamwork tips

There is no such thing as too much communication– always assume that no one knows anything, so everybody stays on the same page. Prioritize using digital communication tools, such as Slack and Google Hangouts, to keep everyone connected and talking throughout the day.

Use twice daily check-ins, at the beginning and end of the workday, to help project teams stay on top of tasks and assignments. This way everyone is on the same page about where the project is directed.

Schedule face-to-face meetups at least monthly, more often if needed for your industry. Try to meet in person at least once a month, if not possible, then use Skype or Zoom or another face-to-face communication tool to meet up. Be sure to plan ahead for this meetup time and maximize that face-to-face time, after all no one wants to feel like their time is being wasted. Use this meetup time to align and re-focus for the month, plan ahead for any changes or new projects, ensure that everyone is doing well and in agreement.



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