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What is an Employee Handbook?

An Employee Handbook is an essential document that outlines the aspects of an employment relationship not covered in an individual Employment Contract, as well as detailing general employment policies.

An Employee Handbook delineates a company’s mission and values, clearly communicating to employees what is expected of them and what they can anticipate from their employer. While it complements an Employment Contract, it does not replace it.

Why have an Employee Handbook?

An employee handbook is vital as it informs all staff members about the company’s policies and procedures. It reaffirms that policies apply uniformly to everyone – ensuring equal treatment and adherence to the same rules and principles across the board.

Clearly outlining corporate policies fosters a positive, productive, and safe work environment, potentially shielding your company from legal disputes related to sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and discrimination.

What is included in an Employee Handbook?

An effective Employee Handbook should cover the following:

  • Company Details, Mission Statement, and History: This section provides insights into the company, its objectives, and its heritage, helping employees better understand its goals.
  • Company’s Core Values and Culture: Articulating clear company values aligns all employees towards common objectives, supporting the company’s vision and cultivating its culture.
  • Harassment and Discrimination Reporting Procedures: Ensuring a healthy working environment is crucial. Clear procedures for reporting harassment and discrimination protect and prioritize employee rights.
  • Leave Entitlements: Detailed information on various types of leave, such as casual, sick, and maternity leave, allows employees to plan accordingly.
  • Working Hours and Overtime Policy: Outlining regular working hours and overtime policies informs employees about organizational expectations.
  • Employee Resignation and Termination: Including resignation and termination procedures, notice period requirements, final paycheck, and compensation details is vital for clarity and fairness.

What makes an Employee Handbook great?

A standout Employee Handbook is informative and engaging, effectively conveying your company’s values and helping employees grasp the organizational culture.

Post-reading, employees should clearly understand their responsibilities and what they can expect in return for compliance. Integrating essential documents such as the Employee Privacy NoticeEmployee Warning LetterEmployee Bond AgreementHoliday Request FormESOP Employee Acceptance Letter, and Letter to an Employee Informing of an Increase in Pay can further enhance understanding and adherence to company policies.

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You might also wish to explore additional resources such as the Employee Share Option Plan,  which can provide additional insights into rewarding employee performance and fostering a committed workforce.

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