What is a Letter Offering Internship?

A Letter Offering Internship is a letter by which a company offers to engage an intern.

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What is a Letter Offering Internship?

A Letter Offering Internship is a letter by which a company offers to engage an intern.

The Letter Offering Internship is a short, simple contract with provisions tailored for engaging interns for up to twelve months.

Whether or not the internship will be subject to employment law provisions will be determined by various factors. When drafting this letter, an employer must be aware of the statutory provisions that may apply to the internship.

What are the things to include in a Letter Offering Internship?

A Letter Offering Internship is issued by an organization while hiring an intern. The important things to include in this letter are:

  • Name and address of the company
  • Internship position, roles & responsibilities
  • Start and end date of the internship program
  • Detail information about the stipend
  • Details about the work schedule
  • Name of the immediate supervisor
  • Legal disclosure and internship agreement

When to use a Letter Offering Internship?

An internship is a short-term work experience offered by a company to teach students how things work in practical life. Normally it is part of the curriculum where students or volunteer candidates get an opportunity to learn things practically in an organization. Before offering any internship program a company must use a “Letter Offering Internship” which will have clear detail about the position and terms of the agreement. An internship can last long anywhere from 3 to 12 months with a minimum stipend and also acts as a formal agreement between your company and the intern candidate.

Why Internships are Important for organizations?

Hiring an intern is very important for any organization because it will help diversify the existing team and can save a lot of time and money for the organization. Normally most of the interns are unpaid or paid in very little amount compared to a full-time employee. Hiring a new candidate each time and investing time and money to train them can be expensive for any organization, so hiring an intern, training them, and monitoring their progress before making them full-time employees can be a good alternative.

It will also help to increase the overall productivity of the team by reducing workload and providing a fresh perspective towards the work, so a Letter Offering Internship is a win-win situation for both intern and an organization.


Normally an organization hires an intern for a short time period with limited roles and responsibilities. A Letter Offering Internship is used while offering an internship program to the students or volunteer candidates to enhance their skills and teach them how things work in the real world.

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