Overview of a Letter Offering Internship

What is a Letter Offering Internship?

Letter Offering Internship is a letter by which a company offers to engage an intern.

The Letter Offering Internship is a short, simple contract with provisions tailored for engaging interns for up to twelve months.

Whether or not the internship will be subject to employment law provisions will be determined by various factors. When drafting a Letter Offering Internship, an employer must be aware of the statutory provisions that may apply to the internship.

Key points included

  • Position offered and whether the position is full-time or part-time;
  • Duration of the internship;
  • Whether the intern will be paid, and if so details of the remuneration and how often the intern will be paid;
  • Details of the work arrangements;
  • If the internship constitutes a “continuous contract” under the Employment Ordinance, the intern will be entitled to statutory benefits; and
  • Notice required for termination.

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