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What is a Personal Data Third Party Processing Form?

A Personal Data Third Party Processing Form helps you document the third-party providers your business works with, and how personal data is shared with them. Almost all businesses collect personal data from third parties through websites. It is mandatory to have a privacy or cookie policy that informs the user that their personal data has been collected. All the personal data that has been collected will be processed in a legal and transparent way so that the consumer doesn’t have to worry about data fraud.

Why is a Personal Data Third Party Processing Form important?

A Personal Data Third Party Processing Form is important to regulate how collected data is used by third-party providers. There are some rules in which personal data should be used — these are typically known in general terms as a “Personal Data Protection Act”. So having a Personal Data Third Party Processing Form will help your business maintain the data security and integrity of your customers which helps build trust with your customers.

What are PDPA and GDPR?

Every country has its own set of data protection and privacy laws. Singapore, for instance, has passed a “Personal Data Protection Act 2010” (PDPA) that regulates the processing of all personal data that has been collected during commercial transactions. Personal data under PDPA refers to all the sensitive data that is sufficient to recognize an individual. For example, name, passport number, date of birth, home address, and mobile number can be classified as personal data. Similarly, the EU has its own data privacy laws, known as the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. Both data privacy laws work to ensure the Data Security and Privacy of customers. However, there are some subtle differences. The GDPR ensures all the customers have rights to know about the processing of their personal data; the PDPA restricts those kinds of control over processing if it hampers the organization’s ability to conduct research. Although they have some differences the primary goal of these data protection acts is to protect these data from misuse and manipulation through a Personal Data Third Party Processing Form. The 7 basic pillars of any data protection act are: Security: It is the fundamental duty of any organization to protect its user data from misuse or alteration. Data Integrity: The overall accuracy, completeness, and consistency should be ensured by the company that has collected the data. Disclosure: The collected data should not be sold or disclosed to any third parties without the user’s consent. Notice: Every organization that collects data must ensure their user knows about the collection of that data. Access: Every individual should have access to their personal data and can change any information. Retention: The collected data should not be retained for a longer period of time than necessary.

Can personal data be shared with third parties?

Restrictions to share personal data with third parties only apply to information about living and identifiable individuals. Sharing of the data can be for joining purposes with joint data controller. 


A properly drafted Personal Data Third Party Processing Form will help your business to control how your data is collected by any third party and how they can use it. Businesses heavily rely on information technology so it is very important to protect their user’s data.

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