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NDA Template
Appoint or remove directors
Approve additional fundraising with Convertible notes
Approve company financial statements
Approve Fundraising with convertible notes
Approve the company’s share option plan
Board resolution to authorise operation of a company bank account
Change the company’s financial year end
Issue new shares
Notice of a special meeting of the directors
Notice of a special meeting of the directors
Notice of directors’ meeting
Open a company bank account
Contract notes
Deed of adherence
Instrument of transfer
Letter of waiver of shareholder’s Pre Emptive rights
Nominee Shareholder – declaration of trust
Notice of extraordinary general meeting of shareholders
Share certificate
Shareholders’ resolution in lieu of an annual general meeting (AGM)
Shareholder’s resolution to adopt share option plan
Shareholders resolution to alter articles of association
Shareholders resolution to appoint or remove directors
Shareholder’s resolution to change company name
Shareholders resolution to issue convertible notes
Shareholders’ resolution to issue shares
Shareholders’ resolution to remove need for an annual general meeting (AGM)
Terms of reference for audit committee
Terms of reference for nomination committee
Terms of reference for remuneration committee