Zegal Early Adopter Program

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Zegal Early Adopter Program

Be the first to try new features and products

Eager to try new features? Want to use Zegal more for your business? We built this program just for you.

The Early Adopters Program (EAP) gives client champions and advocates like yourselves early access to some of our newest features before they are released to the general public.

Best of all, you get to keep using these premium features for free! That’s right. For your time and participation, we’ll let you continue using those features for the duration of your contract!

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What are the benefits of being an Early Adopter?

Free access to premium features

Private community for EAP members

Contribute feedback and shape the roadmap

Personalized support

What are the requirements

  • You must be an existing or past Zegal customer
  • You must apply with the email you used to sign up
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