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What is a Statement of Work?

A Statement of Work (SOW) is a document that outlines and explains various details about a project including the nature of work, deliverables, and deadlines. A Statement of Work is an important document because it will lay the foundation of any project. It must be in place before a project is planned and executed.

What is in a Statement of Work?

A Statement of Work should define the nature of work in a project. These are the important items that should be included in a statement of work. Purpose of the project: This includes the overall purpose of starting the project, end goals, opportunities, and threats. Scope of work: A well-defined statement of work should contain a detailed scope of work that explains what work needs to be done in order to complete the project on time. Breakdown of processes and work schedules can increase productivity inside an organization. Location of work: This includes the location or physical workplace where the work should be done. Detail about the task: This includes explaining more detail about the task which has already been identified in the scope of work. Deliverables: This includes the outcome of the project which is also known as deliverables. List down every single detail about the deliverables like due date, quantity, size, etc. Price and Payments: This includes the price and payments that are associated with the project. The payment plans, the total price of the project, and the final value of the project should be answered properly in a statement of work. Deadlines: This is the final or due date to finish the project. Governing law: As conflicts may arise between parties regarding the statement of work, a clause that set out the governing law that will be applicable to the dispute can help in informing the parties on their rights and the possible legal actions that can be taken to settle any dispute that may arise between them.

What is a Statement of Work used for?

A Statement of Work is an important document to ensure that the work will be done on the basis of pre-defined norms and guidelines. This document can be used both in project management and contract management while hiring contractors for finishing a certain task. It acts as a roadmap for completing the project under certain predefined rules and regulations, detailing specific terms and commitments such as what services or deliverables will be given, a delivery schedule, expected costs, and client expectations.


The Statement of Work is a foundation document of any project that describes the overall structure of the project by maximizing the output and return with minimal resources and expenditure.

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