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What is an Event Sponsorship Agreement?

An Event Sponsorship Agreement is a contract that allows a company to confirm that they are sponsoring an event and how much they are paying. An Event Sponsorship Agreement allows a company to sponsor an event in order to enjoy publicity for their brand while contributing to the cost of the event. It allows the event organizer to stipulate how and when the sponsor should pay, what happens if they cancel, and whether a copy of their logo is required. It should be used in conjunction with an event brochure or summary that can be provided offline or on a website.

What Should be Included in an Event Sponsorship Agreement?

An Event Sponsorship Agreement consists of two parties: an event organizer and businesses interested to sponsor those events. Important elements in this Agreement include: · Name and addresses of the company that is interested to sponsor an event · Start and end date of the event or agreement · The sponsored amount or products and services which a company have agreed to provide in return and dates for delivering those amounts and services · Benefits which a business will get for sponsoring the event · Termination considerations · Measures for settle down disputes and refunds if needed in the future. · Details of applicable laws under which a business is sponsoring the events.

What are the Benefits of an Event Sponsorship Agreement?

Businesses that operate in the public domain leverage the power of an Event Sponsorship Agreement. An event can be of different types such as a conference, a webinar, or even a podcast. Better visibility, audience insight, and lead generation are some examples of why businesses are interested in sponsoring an event. Businesses also get an opportunity to showcase their products and brands in front of thousands of potential customers and it also helps to build up trust between customers and businesses.

What is an example of event sponsorship?

Every year, numerous large-scale events take place around the world. FIFA World Cup is one such event that is a large marketing platform.  From sports brands like Adidas and Nike to beverages such as Persi and Coca-Cola along with automobile giants like Hyundai, all of them sponsor some bit of the event. For the year 2022, Byju, an Indian Edu-tech company has been declared as the events’ official sponsor.

There are various types of event sponsorships and the most expensive one has to be the title sponsors. Apart from this brands can also become ground supporters or suppliers as part of event sponsorship.  For example, Carlsberg was the official beer and cider partner across Live Nation festivals and venues. 

Similarly, Luxury Swiss watch brand Rolex has also signed on to become the motor racing F1 tournament’s official timekeeper.



An Event Sponsorship Agreement acts as a bridge between an event organizer and businesses. Businesses look for potential customers and event organizers actively look for sponsors to fund those events. So, a well-written letter for getting event sponsorship helps both parties grow their business and attract clients.

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