Overview of a Leave Request Letter

What is a leave request letter?

A leave request letter is a formal letter written by an employee in an organization to ask for a leave of absence for a certain period of time.

A leave request letter should specify the reasons for taking the leave and it is incumbent upon their supervisor to accept or reject the leave request letter.

The number of days an employee can take leave is already decided by the company and categorized in mainly 3 types: Casual leave, Privilege leave, and Sick leave.

How to write a leave request letter?

These are the important things that should be included in a leave request letter.

Salutation: Every leave request letter should start with a proper salutation. This helps to create a positive environment for the readers.

Purpose of writing a letter: the main purpose of writing a leave letter should be clearly written in order to avoid any confusion. A proper reason for taking leave will also help an employee to maximize their chances of getting the approval.

The number of days: Another important thing to include in a leave request is the total number of days for which an employee plans to take leave. the total number of days an employee plans to take leave should not exceed the number of days that have been specified by the organization.

Work plan during absence: While asking for leave, there might be situations where an employee has to plan their work in case of emergency. This should be clearly written to maximize their chances of getting leave approval.

The dates to be away from work: The date on which an employee intends to be away from work should be clearly written and the same things should be updated in the ERP solution. (if applicable)

The date to return to work: This is the date on which an employee intends to return to work.

What are the types of leave in an organization?

There are many types of leave in an organization according to their leave policy and applicable laws, however, these are some of the most common types of leave found in most of the organization.

Casual leave: This is also known as annual leave. an employee can ask for a casual leave if they have some personal reasons to take the leave.

Sick Leave: A sick leave is basically designed to help employees take rest whenever they feel uneasy or are not in sound health condition.

Privilege leave: A privilege leave is also known as paid leave; an employee gets paid if the total number of privilege leave is unused throughout the year.

Maternity leave: A maternity leave is designed to help women during the pregnancy period.


A leave request letter is a formal way of asking for leave from the supervisor or manager. It will also help in maintaining a proper book of records for the leave taken in an organization.

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