What is a Personal Information Collection Statement (Recruitment)?

A Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS) is a statement given by the user to collect his/her personal information under a Data Protection Policy.

How to create a Personal Information Collection Statement (Recruitment)

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What is a Personal Information Collection Statement (Recruitment)?

A Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS) is a statement given by the user to collect his/her personal information under a Data Protection Policy. There might be different PICS according to the nature of business; here we are focusing on the Personal Information Collection Statement (Recruitment) which is used to collect information about a job candidate.

The job candidate will be notified about the data collection, how their data will be used and what happens if they don’t agree to share those data.

When should you use a Personal Information Collection Statement (Recruitment)?

You may use “Personal Information Collection Statement (Recruitment)” to discharge your legal obligations under a Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance to inform a job candidate how his/her personal data will be used, why you are collecting them, and what happens to his/her application if certain data is not provided.

Your Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS) may be for a general or specific purpose. This PICS is for the specific purpose of recruitment. The scope of this statement covers the recruitment process up to the stage of an offer. The document you are about to build will be consistent with your Data Protection Policy.

We strongly recommend you build a PICS for recruitment purposes if you are about to hire unless you have other measures in force that serve the same purpose. Make sure you provide each candidate with a copy of this PICS.

If you intend to build a PICS covering the information a candidate provides on accepting an offer from you, you should instead select a PICS (UPON OFFER) because the information to be collected following an offer and probable acceptance by the candidate is materially more and so are the parties with whom you will share such information.

Why do companies collect personal information?

Every business that deals online collects consumer data through different means. Those data are useful to understand the pattern of their user behavior online. If a business is aware of its user’s data like demographics, interest, and user device they can improve the user experience and help their user in providing a better shopping experience.

Is it illegal to give out someone’s personal information in the UK?

You can use and share someone’s information when this is required by law. It can in fact be your legal obligation and you can use this as the lawful basis for processing personal information. But, it is important to clearly identify which law you’re basing this on. In certain cases, it is also a legal obligation to give out personal data if any wrongdoing is suspected.

Where can the collected personal information be used?

Personal information could be used for the following purposes:

  • To review, a job application and to communicate with the applicant during the recruitment process.
  • To contact applicants when an alternative career opportunity arises.
  • To validate the experiences mentioned during the recruitment process.
  • To contact applicants after they apply for the position.


Every business that hires employees needs a Personal Information Collection Statement (Recruitment). This will help the employer to know more about the employees and give a legal right to collect their information for the sole purpose of Recruitment.

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