Made for companies of 5-25 people
  • Designed for use by teams of any size
  • Create and e-Sign an unlimited number of contracts each month
  • Connect Zegal to your favourite apps
/month, 12 month commitment
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  • Switch plans anytime

Features in the STANDARD plan

Designed for teams

The Standard Plan is designed to be used by small and growing companies, so it’s quite likely that your org has at least a small HR team (even if it’s a team of one!) and a sales team. You may have an operations or legal team as well. If this sounds like you, then the Standard plan has been designed with your needs in mind. You can add members to your Zegal org whenver you need. Each user pays a monthly fee and can be given full or limited access.

Create an unlimited number of contracts each month

The Standard Plan is designed with no limits! That means no limit on how many contracts your teams can create and no limit on how many documents you can e-Sign. Just as it sounds is perfect for light users. It represents fantastic value vs using our pay-as-you-go service.

Build, edit and e-Sign documents with automatic version-control

Choose any template from your home country library, and create a highly personalised contract that is favourable to you using our Document Builder (by just answering simple questions about you and the facts of your situation). You can make unlimited edits, add other people to comment on the document and e-Sign the contract all directly from your browser.

Connect Zegal to your favourite Apps with our API

Use the Zegal API to connect Zegal to your CRM to streamline your sales or client onboarding process. Zegal automatically pulls CRM record data into your contract so you don’t have to configure sales proposals, NDAs, consulting agreements and engagement letters to be sent out in seconds. If you connect Zegal to a service like Zapier, you can expand this to 1,000s of other SaaS services and share data in any way you can dream up!


What does Zegal do?

How much does Zegal cost?
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Can our business trial Zegal before we subscribe?

Can I get contracts reviewed by a lawyer on Zegal?
Yes you can. This is a paid service. The price is indicated in the app next to the document you would like reviewing. It is always a fixed price and includes a 30 minute consultation and 2 revisions of your contract. It’s a very useful service for contracts that are more complex or that you’re not so familiar with.

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Made for companies of 5-25 people