How to create a Pre-release Software Terms of Use

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What is a Pre-release Software Terms of Use?

A Pre-release Software Terms of Use sets out the terms and conditions for the use of software by customers prior to the official release of the software.

A Pre-release Software Terms of Use allows a software designer or developer to provide a pre-release or beta version to a prospective customer in order to test the software and modify it prior to release.

A Pre-release Software Terms of Use allows prospective customers to obtain access to a new product during the testing phase and warns them of the risks associated with pre-release software while protecting the developer from the consequences of problems with the software.

What is a software release?

The final version of a software with enhancements and bug fixes which are released for the end users is called a Software Release. The process of releasing a software involves several activities such as coding, graphics, building, testing and so on. Releases can be both private as well as public. There are many stages to a software release. 


Key points included

  • Details of the software provider;
  • Details of the software;
  • Confidentiality obligations of the users;
  • Arrangements for dealing with personal data of users; and
  • Provision of a discussion forum.

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