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What is a Share Sale Agreement Template Template?

A Share Sale Agreement is a legal contract that sets out various terms in which the company shares are sold.

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What is a Share Sale Agreement?

A Share Sale Agreement is a legally binding document that spells out the terms and conditions under which shares in a company are sold or transferred.

Whether you’re a small business owner selling your stake in a tech start-up or a major shareholder in a multinational corporation looking to divest, this agreement is vital.

Why you need a Share Sale Agreement

Participating in share transactions without a Share Sale Agreement is like walking on a tightrope without a safety net. 

Whether you’re the seller looking to exit a long-standing business venture or a buyer interested in acquiring shares in a promising new start-up, having a comprehensive Share Sale Agreement safeguards both parties from future misunderstandings or disputes.

Key components of a Share Sale Agreement

  1. Price and Payments: Clearly outline the sale price and any payment plans or milestones.
  2. Identification of Buyer and Seller: Full names and addresses, ensuring the agreement’s legality.
  3. Representations and Warranties: Essential clauses that protect the buyer from potential undisclosed liabilities.
  4. Dividends: Clarity on the allocation of dividends pre- and post-sale.
  5. Governing Law: Jurisdiction-specific clauses to provide an additional layer of security.

Who drafts a Share Sale Agreement?

Typically, the document is drafted by the selling party. Yet regardless of who drafts it, what’s crucial is the document’s clarity, thoroughness, and alignment with legal standards—a guaranteed feature of Zegal’s templates.

How many shares can a company issue?

While the number of shares a company can issue is usually decided at its inception, circumstances may warrant an adjustment.

In such instances, the shareholders cast votes to modify the number of shares, either increasing or reducing them.

Is a Share Sale Agreement legally binding?

Yes, a Share Sale Agreement is a legally binding contract. It captures the intentions of both parties, making it a document on which legal actions can be initiated should the need arise.

Real-world examples: Why you need a Share Sale Agreement

  1. Tech Start-up Scenario: Imagine you’re the co-founder of a burgeoning tech start-up, and an investor offers to buy a significant percentage of your shares. Your Share Sale Agreement will be the cornerstone, detailing everything from the purchase price to legal obligations and guarantees.
  2. Small Business Co-founder Exit: Consider a small business where one of the three co-founders decides to pursue other opportunities and wants to sell his share to an external party. In this situation, a well-drafted Share Sale Agreement would lay down the terms, protecting everyone’s interests.
  3. High-value Corporate Transaction: In a high-value transaction between two corporations, understanding and stipulating who gets the dividends from shares during the transition could amount to a significant sum. The Share Sale Agreement would clearly define these terms.

Why Choose Zegal?

A Share Sale Agreement acts as the ultimate safety net for buyers and sellers, cementing the terms and conditions of the share sale.

Zegal’s professional Share Sale Agreement template offers a bulletproof, comprehensive, and compliant solution for your share transaction needs.

By using Zegal, you not only save time but also ensure that your transaction adheres to the highest legal standards.

Take the next step in secure share trading

Why gamble with your hard-earned money and invaluable time? Opt for the proven, professional approach that Zegal’s Share Sale Agreement template offers.

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