Our video demos focus on the featuring best practices to help you work better. Ideal for those who like to see how it’s done, rather than read the manual.

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Every Contract. Every Edit. Everywhere.

Welcome to Zegal! Learn about our key features!

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Zegal’s Own In-App Editor

Learn how to use our in-app editor to make further adjustments to the document based on your specific needs.

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An easy way to work with peers and colleagues.

Learn how to share the documents with peers and counterparties. Invite others to edit the document, make comments, or just view.

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Make notes and feedback to your collaborators.

Learn how to add comments to the document. Share notes and feedback with your collaborators.

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Keep track of any changes made

Learn how to track, compare and restore different versions of the document

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A quick way of getting signatures from all parties.

Learn how to invite other people to eSign on your Zegal documents, and eSign it yourself.

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Learn about Upload&Sign feature to upload any external document and e-sign it yourself and with others.

Learn about the Upload&Sign feature to upload any external documents and e-sign it yourself and with others.

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