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How to create an Apology for Late Payment Letter template

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What is an Apology for Late Payment Letter Template?

As an SME or Startup, you might forget to make payments on time. You can use this letter to apologise for the delay of that payment.

The letter includes the amount owed and when you will send the payment.

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How do I respond to a delayed payment email?

It is definitely an uncomfortable topic to address. However, most companies will be understanding of your situation if you explain it well. Here are some of the explanations you can use to respond to a delayed payment email. 

Firstly, apologies for the delay and assure them that the payment will be or had been made. Make sure you put in your reasons and explain them well. Whether it is because of delayed payments from customers or due to a delay in the payment process, just put it out there and request some time to get it across. 

Do make sure you include a date by when it can be expected so, the other party remains assured that the payment will be made. 


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