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What is a Convertible Note Certificate ?

A Convertible Note Certificate is a certificate that evidences the investor’s title to the convertible note.

A company issues a Convertible Note Certificate after due payment of investment amount by an investor.

The Convertible Note Certificate is required to be issued to the investors whether the investment was made by way of a Convertible Note Instrument or a Convertible Note Subscription Agreement.

Key points included

  • Certificate number;
  • Aggregate principal amount (i.e. the maximum amount of notes that can be issued under the Convertible Note Instrument or Convertible Note Subscription Agreement);
  • Principal amount (i.e. the amount of investment by the investor);
  • Interest rate;
  • Date on which the Convertible Note Instrument or Convertible Note Subscription Agreement was created;
  • Identity (name and address) of the holder; and
  • Date of issue of the certificate.

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