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App Fibre X Zegal

Christian Marth, Director of App Fibre says “Zegal provide a legal framework for our business which is compliant to our jurisdictions regulations in a friendly and easy to use software solution. Zegal made the process of running my startup business painless as I have a set of pre-defined pre-approved compliant documents to use for everyday business transactions from freelancer agreements and client contracts to staff agreements and to issue shares.

“In using Zegal, not only did I impress my company Corporate Secretary by providing all the correct documents for compliance but also impressed my investors with properly formatted share subscription agreements.”

The best part of using the Zegal software is the Human Support I receive from their support staff, I’ve had frequent enquiries regarding some specifics of the software and Emily has always been very patient and attentive in resolving any trivial issues I may have.

“Before using Zegal we didn’t have any formal system or process in place, after Zegal was implemented I can rest easy knowing that Zegal has me covered for almost any kind of business scenario I can imagine.”

I’m looking forward to deeper integration with Zegal and other systems to automate my manual business processes and streamline my document management process in order to scale my business.
Zegal has saved me thousands of dollars in contract disputes with clients and suppliers, having a system and process in place for contract management. 
As a startup consultancy firm in Singapore, I was very hesitant to commit to a 12 month agreement with a Legal 2.0 service as I didn’t see the value. Once I started using Zegal, I immediately found that I have the power to produce professional legal and business documents that elevate my business’s professionalism. 


About App Fibre

App Fibre is a full service mobile application development firm based in Singapore specialising in developing mobile apps for iOS, iPhone, iPad and Android.
With a dedicated team of iOS developers App Fibre can provide mobile application development for your iOS (iPhone & iPad) application.


For Android Tablets and Phones, App Fibre has a team of Android developers for your Android mobile application development project.


App Fibre have experienced UX designers to ensure a high quality of mobile application design in line with Android Material Design and Apple Human Interface Design Guidelines.


Working with a number of backend technologies including, PHP, node.js and Ruby on Rails. App Fibre has an experienced team of back end developers for your project. They can also assist you with migrating from to the open source parse server and support your back end in development and production.


App Fibre also specialise in implementing mobile technology and solutions to event managers to streamline their events.


  • Multiple sponsorship opportunities including splash page and banner advertisements
  • Engagement Audience
  • Display schedule by day, speaker and track 
  • Live interactive polling
  • Social media Integration
  • Interactive floor maps
  • Push Notifications to update your audience about any updates
  • Promote speakers and exhibitors
  • Save money and digitalized all the event information on your attendee’s smart devices
  • Create Surveys to gather feedback
  • Show specific content to specific groups of people
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