6 Tips to Improve your Business Life

By Eve Anderson, Updated: 2023-01-11 (published on 2021-06-26)


No matter if you are a freelancer, full-time employee, or entrepreneur, you have a lot in your business life that could do with streamlining so you’re working efficiently. 

If you do not take care of yourself and manage your time, you may get overwhelmed. 

Poor business life impacts your health and private life, too. Dissatisfaction, stress, and supreme tiredness may result in burnout. 

In this article, we explain how you can add value to your business life.

Learn where You are Wasting your Time

In your business life, time management is a crucial skill. It represents the way we organize our time and distribute it between activities. Good time management reduces your anxiety levels while improving your workplace performance and satisfaction.

For starters, you need to learn how and where you are spending your time. We often overestimate complicated activities and underestimate simple ones. 

If you believe that writing an email takes 5 minutes, why not use a time management app to track your activity? You may find that this simple task takes you 20 minutes.

Complete the Most Complex Tasks First in the Morning

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day,” Mark Twain famously said. 

Your frog is your most time-consuming and mentally demanding task.

For most of us, the first few hours of work are the most productive. The human brain tends to be the sharpest in the morning after a refreshing sleep. Use that time proactively to your advantage. 

Digitize your Business Operations

Manual tasks eat up a lot of your time. Therefore, if you still use Excel spreadsheets and paperwork, it is time to rethink your decisions. 

To meet deadlines faster and improve your overall productivity, you need to choose the right tools for your business

Today, you can digitize almost every aspect of your business life, from your digital security to inventory management.

For starters, invest in a task management tools. With the help of software solutions like Trello or Basecamp, you can easily create projects, assign tasks, and set deadlines. Instead of scrolling down hundreds of emails in your inbox, you can communicate with team members in real-time and track your tasks. 

You can also automate your finances. With accounting tools, you can monitor your cash flow via multiple devices and locations. You can also send digital checks and digitize your invoices to save time and improve customer experiences.

Remove Distractions

What are your distractions? Is it email, social networks, phone calls, or entertainment sites? You can beat them in multiple ways.

For example, have a strict schedule. Try to be in front of your desk at the same time every day. Create a to-do list the night before and put a time constraint on your tasks. 

If you cannot resist checking your phone during work hours, consider setting restrictions. With self-control tools, you can set daily app limits and block certain apps, such as social networks or news sites.

While this approach may seem harsh, it can benefit your business life in multiple ways. By reducing distractions, you will focus better on your tasks and perform them faster and more successfully. Most importantly, you will feel better about yourself and your daily achievements.

Optimize Meetings

Even though they are an essential part of any company, meetings can turn out to be a major time sink. That is why you need to optimize them, making sure they have a clear purpose.

For example, set clear meeting guidelines for your team. They should specify how employees should behave during the meeting.

Have an agenda for each meeting and share it with all participants in advance. That way, everyone will arrive prepared, waste less time, and get back to work faster. 

Finally, if you notice that your weekly meetups are too long, why not reduce them. For example, you could cut your hour-long meetings down to 30 minutes.

Learn to Balance your Private and Professional Life

To improve your performance and stay satisfied, you need to harmonize your private and professional life.

For starters, abandon the Superman/Superwoman mentality and learn to ask for help. Learn to outsource certain tasks to other team members or outside companies. By freeing yourself up, you can finally focus on the aspects of your job you are passionate about. Above all, you will prevent stress and burnout.

Also, learn to establish clear boundaries on what you will or will not do at work. For example, set aside time at home during which will not respond to work-related emails. 

Most importantly, take care of your health. If you are not in a good physical, mental, and emotional state, your business life will suffer. While at work, take regular breaks, eat healthy meals, and equip yourself with ergonomic furniture. Make sure you exercise at least three times weekly and sleep enough. Do activities that minimize stress and make you feel relaxed.

Over to You

Simplicity, organization, and satisfaction add value to both your private and professional life. Remember that there is no magic button for extending your deadlines or making your meetings disappear. They are an inevitable aspect of your workday. However, with the tips mentioned above, you will manage your time more efficiently and improve the overall quality of your business life.

How do you improve the quality of your business life? Please, share your experiences with us!

Eve Anderson is a marketing specialist turned blogger. Interested in sports and exciting travel destinations. Love to share content that can inform people.

This article does not constitute legal advice.

The opinions expressed in the column above represent the author’s own.

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