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No more bill shock! Choose our lawyer drafting service with an upfront fixed price guaranteed.

Sometimes you need a lawyer to work with you

We’ve got you covered

If you already have a first draft

Select “Bespoke document drafting” at checkout to invite a lawyer to join your document. You’ll get the opportunity to explain what you need and your lawyer will make the necessary changes directly to your document.


If you’re not sure where to start

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    Working with lawyers in Zegal

    Built-in legal support when and where you need it

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    Bespoke Document Drafting

    Select Bespoke Document Drafting at checkout. Zegal automatically assigns you a specialist lawyer to work with you securely through the app.

    Let your lawyer do the rest!

    Your lawyer will provide up to two versions of your document for you. The first draft will be finished within 5 working days.

    Other things you can do with Zegal

    Speed up your contract processes
    When you want to quickly send out a contract you’ve agreed in the past (without any of the negotiation), this feature auto-creates a brand new contract with a new contract date. You can make any changes you need, like salary or contact details and send for e-signing.


    Get insights from digital contracts
    Contracts you build in Zegal are much more intelligent than the ones you signed in Word. That means you can do all sorts of clever things with them. Zegal’s Document dashboard tells you when all your important contracts are up for expiry or renewal.


    Add your new contract as a template


    Common questions

    Why is Zegal a good solution for contract drafting?


    How much does Bespoke Document Drafting cost?
    Bespoke Document Drafting is a fixed price service. Each template in our huge library has two prices at check-out, one do-it-yourself (DIY) price and one Bespoke Document Drafting price. You can always see exactly what you will pay when you select to buy a template with Bespoke Document Drafting and this price won’t change so you don’t need to worry about your bill changing later.
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    How long does bespoke document drafting take?


    How many draft versions will I receive?


    Yes! Your documents are protected by SSL encryption, secure server infrastructure and identity verification, and we also sync directly to Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive so you can store all your sensitive data on your own drives as you do now.


    Can I e-Sign my contract on Zegal?
    Once your document is completed, you can invite people to sign your document and we will automatically save a signed copy to your preferred cloud drive (either Microsoft One Drive or Google Drive). We will also send a signed copy to each signatory. If you need to use your agreement over and over, you can add it as a new ‘template’ to your personal Zegal library.