More than
just fundraising

Zegal has all the documents and tools you need to grow your business and can provide expert help at every step.

Raise funds

Sometimes you need to raise funds to grow your business to the next level. Zegal will provide everything required to start a fundraising round today.

Manage disputes

As your business grows, you’ll need to keep up with your revenue. Our document library has all the legal templates required to chase debt, request credit extensions, & more.

Create contracts

Growing your business is tough, but Zegal’s extensive legal template library will ensure you have all the necessary documentation—and don’t miss anything.

Get help from a qualified lawyer

If you need professional help, you can reach out to a qualified lawyer at the click of a button.


The legal tech solution

Use Zegal to quickly find, share, and work on your documents together. Build up your legal portfolio and keep it securely in one easy-to-access place.