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What is a Notice of Termination by Employer?

A Notice of Termination by Employer is a formal declaration from an employer informing the employee of the decision to terminate his or her contract.

A Notice of Termination by Employer contains the terms under which the employer is permitted to terminate the employee’s contract and other details of the termination. It specifies the notice period required by law or by the employment contract. If the employee leaves prior to serving their notice period, a payment must be made in lieu of notice.

A Notice of Termination by Employer serves as a formal record of the reasons for terminating the contract of an employee and specifies the last day that the employee works at the company.

Key points included

  • Employee’s last day;
  • Required notice for termination;
  • Circumstances of the termination;
  • Post-termination restrictions (if any); and
  • Date of the termination notice.

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