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What is a Social Media Policy?

A Social Media Policy sets out the responsibilities and obligations that a company’s employees must follow when using social media.

A Social Media Policy ensures that the employees know the extent to which using social media accounts is permitted at work, as well as further considerations when using social media outside of work. This protects the company from liability for certain comments made in your company’s name, such as libellous or racist comments.

A Social Media Policy is crucial to adequately protect a company’s business interests while upholding their employees’ personal data rights and freedom of speech. It covers legal issues that could arise for the company, including confidentiality, intellectual property infringement, and defamation, as well as personal liability of the employee.

Key points included

  • Acceptable social media use during work hours;
  • Appointed officer in charge of policy enforcement;
  • Handling media-related inquiries; and
  • Appointed officer in charge of intellectual property compliance.

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