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How to create a Copyright Licence (Movies)

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What is a Copyright Licence (Movies)?

The copyright of a film or movie is jointly owned by the producer and the principle director.

However, if the producer and the principle director were acting as employees, then the copyright in the film or movie is owned by the employer. Also, if you ask or commission another person or organisation to create the film/movie for you, copyright of the film/movie would belong to that person or organisation, unless you otherwise agree to it in writing.

A Copyright Licence (Movies) helps parties to clarify important questions, like how the movie can be used, the duration and territory of the usage, and the responsibilities of both licensor and licensee during the life of the licence.

Key points included

When drafting a Copyright Licence (Movies), it is important to focus on a number of key clauses, in particular:

  • How much the licensee has to pay for using the movie;
  • How long the licensee is entitled to use the movie;
  • The details of the movie;
  • The details of previous licences granted to other parties; and
  • How the licence can be terminated.

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