The smarter way to manage your legal back-office

Zegal customers are decision makers running established companies, leading in-house legal teams, and heading up key business units. We help these customers change the way their teams work together to manage their legal and business processes, creating new efficiencies and increasing profitability.

Easily used by anyone in your team

You know how your internal processes work; we just make it easier for you and your teams to complete your tasks faster. Zegal’s question-and-answer interface can be used by anyone across the business. Whether it’s your sales team sending a new proposal or your HR department bringing in new employees, your team is empowered to create legally binding contracts within minutes, all with 100% accuracy.

Work the way you want to

With Zegal, we give you full control over how you set up your workspace: you decide who sees what, who has commenting and editing rights, and who has final sign-off to say when the work is complete. It’s how you keep things on track so everyone gets things done faster. Not only is encryption and security at the heart of our platform, it’s also built into the way you set up your processes, giving you total control from beginning to end.

Collaboration is made simple with chat and commenting

It’s hard to imagine how anything gets achieved these days without chat. It shouldn’t be any different when it comes to legal documents. Zegal’s commenting feature allows you and your team to easily comment or seek clarification on any documents you create. All comments are conveniently and safely stored together with the document, so everything stays contextual.

E-sign from anywhere, on any device

Getting a document signed used to be cumbersome, involving printers, scanners, and a lot of time waiting around. We’ve made it simple. Watch your sales team win deals faster with a few clicks of a button: easily create the contract, send it for e-signing, and watch the money flow in. Still like to do things the traditional way? We’ve made that simple too. Simply download, print, and sign the document, then upload back into your Zegal account so everything is safely and securely stored in the cloud.