Overview of a Notice of Board Meeting

What is a Notice of Board Meeting?

A Notice of Board Meeting is a formal notice to convene a meeting of the board of directors of a company.

A Notice of Board Meeting must be in written form and should be given to each director by either hand, registered post, speed post, email, or by any other electronic medium.

Notice of board meetings must be provided to all the directors of a company at least 7 days before the date of the meeting. The notice must mention the date, time, place, and agenda of the meeting.

What is a Board Meeting?

Every company should hold the first meeting of the board of directors within the first 30 days from the incorporation date. Thereafter, a minimum of 4 board meetings must be held in a year within 120 days from the previous board meeting. For a valid meeting, the minimum number of board members should be one-third of the total number of directors.

In the case of small companies at least 2 board meetings must be held in half of the fiscal year. The gap between two board meetings must be 90 days. In small companies, a minimum of 2 directors must attend the meeting.

What are the requirements for organizing a board meeting?

These are the basic requirements for organizing a board meeting.

Authorized officer: This refers to the meeting must be regulated in the presence of a chairman of the board.

Adequate quorum: There should be a minimum number of board members to conduct an authentic board meeting.

Appropriate notice: A formal notice is a primary requirement for organizing a board meeting. Before organizing a board meeting all members should be provided with proper notice.

Appropriate agenda: The board meetings are conducted according to the agenda mentioned on the notice of the board meeting. Every board meeting must set and follow the agenda.

How should notice of Board Meeting be used?

This document is first filled by the person creating the notice with appropriate information about the company and the meeting time, date, and place. The details about who the notice is to be addressed are filled in. Then enter the agenda for the meeting and items to be discussed in the meeting.

After all the information is filled out the notice should be printed on the letterhead of the company and should be signed by the director or secretary of the company. One copy should be sent to the board members within the time specified under the Company Act and one copy should be kept with the company.


A Notice of Board Meeting is essential to conduct an effective meeting of the directors of the company. It is a formal document created to inform the board directors of the meeting, time, place, date, and agenda of the meeting before the meeting date.

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