Contract Lifecycle Management

Automated template library, collaborative editor, native e-Signing, secure cloud storage and contract management.
All in one tool. How is that possible?

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Sit back and watch your contract take shape!

Your Document Drafter will provide up to two versions of your document for you, and each version will be automatically saved and tracked in Zegal. All changes are based on your feedback but you can amend or revert any thing at any time, so you have a contract that’s really made to measure! When you’re good to go, just invite anyone you need to e-Sign and we’ll make sure everyone has a secure digital copy.

Other things you can do with Zegal

Speed up your contract processes
When you want to quickly send out a contract you’ve agreed in the past (without any of the negotiation), this feature auto-creates a brand new contract with a new contract date. You can make any changes you need, like salary or contact details and send for e-signing.


Get insights from digital contracts
Contracts you build in Zegal are much more intelligent than the ones you signed in Word. That means you can do all sorts of clever things with them. Zegal’s Document dashboard tells you when all your important contracts are up for expiry or renewal.


Add your new contract as a template



What does Zegal do?


How much does Zegal cost?
You can pay as you go, paying for each legal template you use on Zegal, or by paying for our bespoke drafting service. Or you can subscribe to a plan. We have three plans: Lite, Standard and Professional.

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Can our business trial Zegal before we subscribe?


Can I get contracts reviewed by a lawyer on Zegal??
Yes, you can. This is a paid service. The price is indicated in the app next to the document you would like to review. It is always a fixed price and includes a 30-minute consultation and 2 revisions of your contract. It’s a very useful service for contracts that are more complex or that you’re not so familiar with.