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What is Information Publication Disclaimer?

Information Publication Disclaimer is a notice that is used to legally protect you and your business from liability risks that may arise from the information you have shared.

Disclaimers are generally used on a website or documentation provided by an individual or company to limit their liability and to protect themselves from legal claims made against the information published.

Every disclaimer is different and needs to be customized according to the nature of work performed by the organization to save themselves from unnecessary legal claims and financial burdens.


Why is information publication disclaimer important for businesses?

Having an information publication disclaimer in place is important for any business or individuals to reduce their liability and protect themselves from unnecessary legal problems.

Example:  Company A has compiled a detailed investment report on an asset or company and provides it to Party B. Party B makes a business or financial decision based on the information provided in the report. It later arises that the information provided in the report was inaccurate and has caused Party B a financial loss.

Party B intends to sue Company A for damages due to the misinformation contained in the report.

In order to avoid such a scenario, it is customary to include information provided in good faith but for which a party does not wish to be held accountable with an information publication disclaimer. This disclaimer will state that the information is published in good faith but does not provide any guarantees, nor does it incur any liabilities, for the information contained within.


What are the types of disclaimers used by businesses?

There are many types of disclaimers used by businesses depending upon the nature of their work. Some of the most popular ones are: 

  • Legal disclaimer: A legal disclaimer protects any business operating in a legal area by delimiting their responsibilities.
  • Investment disclaimer: An investment disclaimer lets consumers know that the information is only for educational and research purposes, any loss incurred from this advice will be personal responsibility.
  • Copyright Disclaimer: A copyright disclaimer protects the creator of content by claiming it is original content or falls under “fair use” of copyright materials. E.g.: image, music and videos etc.
  • Product disclaimer: Businesses that deal with buying and selling of goods should use product disclaimer to let consumers know what to expect from their products.
  • Fair use disclaimer: A fair use disclaimer helps limit unnecessary use of applications or services. 
  • Affiliate disclaimer: if any individual or business is involved in affiliate marketing, in such a situation an affiliate disclaimer in your website or blog will save you from unwanted legal claims.


Is a disclaimer the same as terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions set out the rules for using a website and define the legal relationship between the website operator and website users whereas a disclaimer is used to reduce the owner’s liability towards the loss caused by published information.

Can I copy someone else’s disclaimer?

Yes, you can copy someone’s site’s disclaimer and put it on your own. However, every site is supposed to have disclaimers that suit the activities on the site When you copy other sites’ disclaimers, it will not be specific to your activities or cover all grounds you stand on. You could be leaving your site quite vulnerable to legal liabilities if your copy-and-pasted disclaimer doesn’t cover everything or have the correct information. It is best and safest to draft your own disclaimers. 

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