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If you feel like you’re in need of a resignation letter because you’ve had a better opportunity, this is the right document for you. There are plenty of examples of good resignation letters.  But always remember the following:

  1.  Be formal and polite about your departure
  2. Don’t use this as an opportunity to criticize your employer, your boss, or your co-workers
  3. Keep it simple and fact-based
  4. Most of all, don’t complain

Key Points to Include in a Resignation Letter for Better Opportunity

  • State your intent to resign. Importantly, make sure you have everything lined up before you submit this letter.
  • Provide a last day of employment.  Essentially, allow adequate time for a transition and to allow your employer to train a replacement. Notably, this allows both parties to deal with this transition amicably and with respect
  • Reason for resignation (optional). Feel free to provide reasons for your resignation.  Typically, these may include a move to a different location; a better opportunity; or for private personal reasons.
  • Contact information (optional). Usually, tying up loose ends will make a better long-term impression on employers. Subsequently, offering your contact information can help ease the transition.

What not to include in your resignation letter

No matter how logical or justified your reason to leave it, if you do not communicate this well to your employer, you will be burning bridges without knowing of it. A resignation letter is a type of formal professional document and so it should not include a few things as below:

Complaints about the company: Not everything works out the way we want it to and so it is natural to feel excited about a new job or better opportunity, the same way it is natural to find flaws in a company you have worked for. Do not include your dissatisfaction or complaints in your resignation letter.

Mention anything ill of your managers or colleagues: do not mention anything disrespectful about your colleagues in your letter. what you say about them, reflects more about your character than theirs.

Slanderous or disrespectful language: Keep your tone professional only including the required information and have a positive or matter-of-fact tone throughout.

Summing up on the Resignation Letter

Essentially, a formal resignation letter is a key first step to your departure from your current company. However, you’ll also need to work out how this message is communicated to the rest of your team and the company.  Importantly, work with your manager and your human resource representative to coordinate that for a smooth transition.

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