What is a Web Acceptable Use Policy?

A Web Acceptable Use Policy also known as Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a set rule applied by the owner of a website.

How to create a Web Acceptable Use Policy

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What is a Web Acceptable Use Policy?

A Web Acceptable Use Policy also known as Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) is a set rule applied by the owner of a website.

A Web Acceptable Use Policy is part of the Terms of Use which specifies what a user may and may not use while accessing the website.

A Web Acceptable Use Policy is appropriate for a business that provides internet services to reduce the possibilities for legal action that may be taken by users, and often with little possibilities of enforcement.

What are the things to include in a Web Acceptable Use Policy?

A Web Acceptable Use Policy sets out the different ways that a user can and cannot use the website and takes account of several factors.

  • acceptable purposes and restrictions
  • whether the website can be used for commercial purposes
  • dispute resolution
  • trademark protection
  • suspension and termination

Why is a Web Acceptable Use Policy important?

An Acceptable Use Policy defines what are the things that users can and cannot do on your website. These include:

Ensure users’ safety: A clearly defined acceptable use policy will ensure users’ safety by making them aware of the fair uses of the website. By following an AUP, users can protect themselves from legal problems that may arise in the future.

Avoid Illegal Activities: The Web Acceptable Use Policy helps to ensure that users are following the policy. If the users break the law on your network, they can become a liability for your business.

Ease of use: A well-drafted acceptable use policy also helps to define users’ rights and responsibilities. This will make them easy for using the websites.

To Avoid Cybersecurity Threats: Every business should have some sort of control over what activity takes place on their network. Limiting what users can search, browse, and download from the website keeps the network safe from hackers and viruses. AUP limits an organization’s liability in the action of a hacking incident, data breach, or another cybercrime.

Data Security Practices: Cybersecurity is a key concern for any organization. The organization can improve data security by outlining the user’s behavior and identify penalties for users who operate risky actions, such as downloading suspicious files.


A Web Acceptable Use Policy informs people what they can take from the website and what they need from the users in return. It will protect the legal rights of both parties by informing them about the fair uses of the website and protecting them from unnecessary legal problems.

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