FLP pricing for Zimbabwe and Africa

FLP pricing for Zimbabwe and Africa

FLP offers a modern legal services delivery service for modern businesses.

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  • 7 days to try out all of our Standard features
  • Create 2 documents
  • 1 Upload & Sign


/month, 12 month commitment


/year, billed annually

  • One user
  • Unlimited use of all Do-It-Yourself agreements
  • 2.5 hours of video/phone calls/ e-mails and in person meetings per month
  • Contract review, drafting and editing


/month, 12 month commitment


/year, billed annually

  • 3 Users
  • Unlimited use of all Do-It-Yourself agreements
  • Review 3 documents
  • 5 hours a month of video/phone calls/emails and in person meetings
  • Customised employee onboarding
  • Contract review, drafting and editing
  • Advice on legal matters involving employees
  • Advice on corporate governance matters
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Pricing Overview

Zegal offers 3 plans. All plans include unlimited use of our eSignature tool.
Before purchasing you can start with a 14 day free trial which includes access to an employment offer letter, a memorandum of understanding (often called a letter of intent), and a one time use of our eSignature tool.
To access more documents (from our 1,000+ template library) subscribe to one of our plans.
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Questions we get asked alot (so we thought we’d answer them here!)

  • What is the difference between Lite, Standard and Professional?

    The Lite Plan is designed for single users. It gives you to access our entire library and you can create up to 2 legal documents per month (or 24 credits you can use anytime if you pay annually).

    The standard plan is the best plan for early-stage companies with 5-25 employees. It comes with one user seat but you can add more as you need. Unlike the Lite, the number of legal agreements you can create per month is not limited! In addition, you can enjoy collaboration features like commenting and version management. This is the most popular plan for smaller companies

    The Professional plan comes with 1 seat (and you can of course add more). It is desiged for larger companies or for companies with more advanced legal needs. In addition to the more advanced features you can:

    1. onboard your own templates and use Zegal technology to automate those documents;
    2. enjoy zegal templates adjusted to your use case;
    3. use workflows set up automated approvals;
    4. integrate Zegal with your current software.

    All our plans integrate with Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive as standard so you’ll always know exactly where your work is stored.

  • What is the difference between monthly and annual payments?
    Paying upfront for a year gives you up to 10% discount on our equivalent monthly pricing. Under the monthly plan, you agree to a 12-month commitment and pay on a monthly basis.
    Paying upfront for a year gives you up to 10% discount on our equivalent monthly pricing. Under the monthly plan, there is no commitment on any plan and you can cancel anytime.
  • Can I buy a single document and use it multiple times?

    If you are just buying a single document, you’ll be able to download it in Word format (DocX) or if you sign it in Zegal, the signed copy will be in PDF format.

What’s in our free plan?

  • 7 days to explore the platform features
  • Create, edit and e-sign an MOU and a Job Offer Letter
  • Use Zegalsign to e-sign documents
  • Get unlimited expert help from our online support team

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