Overview of a Personal Information Collection Statement (Upon Offer)

When should you use a Personal Information Collection Statement (Upon Offer)?

You may use this document to discharge your legal obligations under Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap 486) to inform a job candidate how his/her personal data will be used, why you collect them and what happens to his/her employment offer if certain data is not provided. Your PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTION STATEMENT (PICS) may be for a general or specific purpose. This PICS is for the specific purpose of recruitment upon issuance of a conditional offer. The scope of this statement covers the recruitment process upon a conditional offer up to the signing of an employment contract. The document you are about to build will be consistent with your DATA PROTECTION POLICY. You may want to consult your Data Protection Policy when building this document.

We strongly recommend you build a PICS if your candidate has already accepted the conditional offer unless you have other measures in force that serve the same purpose. This document is required for legal compliance with Hong Kong law. Make sure you provide each candidate with a copy of this PICS.

If you intend to build a PICS covering the information a candidate provides on signing an employment contract, you should instead select a PERSONAL INFORMATION COLLECTION STATEMENT (COMMENCEMENT OF EMPLOYMENT) because the information to be collected subsequent to an employment contract is materially more and so are the parties with whom you will share such information.

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