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Everything you need to know about Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Hong Kong consistently ranks amongst the top places in international rankings for ease of doing business.

Funding is plentiful, with the government injecting HKD 7 billion in 2019 towards the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) and the Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (ITVF) and encouraging private venture funds to invest in startups through a matching process.

This nifty handbook compiles everything you need to know about setting up and operating a company in Hong Kong.


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    Whats Inside

    • The first step of starting a business: Form a Company
    • Common Business types
      • Limited Liability Company, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership.
    • Anatomy of Limited Liability Company
      • Advantages & disadvantages of limited liability company, How a limited liability company works,
      • Directors, Shareholders, Company Secretary & Articles of Association.
    • Why you should incorporate early?
    • How to incorporate in Hong Kong?
    • Incorporating a non-Hong Kong Company
    • After Incorporation
      • Guide to annual filings
      • Corporate tax introduction
      • Opening a corporate bank account
      • Applying for the relevant licenses & permits
      • Accounting requirements
      • How to run an Annual General Meeting (AGM)
      • Fulfilling your obligations under the MPF system
      • Accessing investment funds & others resources for small businesses.

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