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What is a Website Payment Terms?

A Website Payment Terms sets out how and when customers pay to subscribe to a website, what the subscription terms are, and what happens at renewal or cancellation.

A Website Payment Terms ensures customers are aware of such key areas as subscription fees, early cancellation, price changes, and renewal.

It is an important document, as many businesses require customers to be paid subscribers to their website. It is essential to make sure that people using your website are made aware of both their obligations and yours in terms of payment.

Why are Website Payment Terms essential?

  • To inform the users about the costs of different services according to the plans they choose to purchase.
  • To make aware of the particular payment method used by the website to purchase the services.
  • If your website has shipping facilities you should be mentioning the appropriate time of delivery to the users while purchasing any kind of service.
  • To inform how the cancellation process works if the users are not satisfied with the service you provide should be mentioned in the website payment terms to overcome the users’ trust.

What should be included in Website Payment Terms?

A Website payment terms set out the legal rights and agreements between you and the users of your website. These are the basic things to include. I.e.;

Ownership and copyright of the content of the website: To protect the website content from being misused and limits the user’s activity on your website. Copyright provides proof of ownership and makes it easy to pursue legal action if any of your content is misused without your consent.

Registration, password, and security procedures: While providing the service to the users every website should create a security procedure to filter the fake users.

Return/Refund policy: In this agreement, you inform your users about the website’s return/refund policies such as within how many days they have to return; how they will receive the refund; or if you even offer a refund in a particular service.

Date when last updated: Mention the date if you have made any changes regarding payment terms. This will be more convincing to the users who have purchased the service before or after the changes have been made in the payment terms.

Governing law: Mention the governing law accordingly followed by your website in terms of payment.

How to properly address Website Payment Terms?

There are various aspects to address in payment terms to make it effective. such as:

  • Use of clean, polite, and genuine language.
  • Mentioning the complete details of the firm and the client.
  • Full details of the service or product.
  • Mentioning the particular payment method used.

What is controlled by the terms of payment?

In a SAP, terms of payment is used to ascertain the due date and to calculate the discount. It is maintained in customer master as well as vendor master to default at invoice level. However if required it can be changed at invoice level as well.


A good business will be transparent in how it treats its customers. Make sure that you are attentive while drafting your terms and conditions, keep them short and simple, and offer more than one payment option.

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