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The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seen it penetrate and revolutionise numerous sectors, one of which is legal services. 

OpenAI’s latest offering, GPT-4, commonly known as ChatGPT, is a prime example of this integration. It exhibits an impressive capacity for comprehending and generating text, almost indistinguishable from human communication.

It has found immense value in many applications, including answering queries, drafting textual content, fostering creative ideation, and much more.

However, in legal matters, ChatGPT’s utility is not as straightforward. This article delves into why this AI isn’t a reliable source for handling legal issues.

AI’s shortcomings: Lack of human judgment

A pivotal reason why AI, such as ChatGPT, isn’t advisable for legal counsel is its inherent lack of human judgment.

The legal services field necessitates an acute understanding of nuances, professional expertise, and ethical considerations, which are presently beyond the scope of AI.

While ChatGPT generates text based on its trained data, it cannot discern and evaluate these nuances as a human legal expert would, thus making its judgment questionable in complex legal scenarios.

Another crucial element to consider is that AI does not bear legal accountability.

As a tool, ChatGPT is not a licensed legal entity and thus cannot be held legally responsible for its advice. For instance, if a user faced legal ramifications due to applying AI-provided advice, the AI would not bear any accountability.

In contrast, a human attorney has professional responsibilities and legal obligations towards their clients and can be held accountable for their counsel.

Risks with outdated information

An important point of concern with ChatGPT is its limited training data, which only extends until September 2021.

Post this date, it cannot update its knowledge or learn from any developments or amendments in legal statutes. Consequently, it might not reflect any changes in laws or regulations enacted post-September 2021 in its responses, potentially leading to the propagation of obsolete or inaccurate information.

The pitfall of contextual misunderstanding

Legal proceedings often hinge on the subtle interpretation of language and an intricate understanding of specific contexts. Despite its advanced capabilities in text generation, ChatGPT may not fully comprehend or accurately interpret the context of particular situations, causing potentially erroneous or misleading advice.

Given the gravity of legal matters, such errors can have significant repercussions.

As awesome as it is, AI still can’t grasp simple tasks like “create an image to highlight the privacy concerns of AI”

Privacy concerns with ChatGPT

Legal discussions are often sensitive, involving confidential information. Although OpenAI has implemented data handling guidelines, a conversation with an AI like ChatGPT does not ensure the same level of confidentiality as a discussion with a licensed attorney would.

While ChatGPT is a formidable tool that can assist with a broad range of tasks, it is unequivocally not a substitute for professional legal advice. AI can supplement but cannot replace the nuanced expertise and human judgment that a legal professional brings.

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