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Zegal offers a comprehensive suite of legal solutions tailored to the unique needs of growing businesses. Our user-friendly platform simplifies creating, customizing, and managing legal documents, saving you time and resources.

With real-time collaboration features, you can work seamlessly with your team and legal advisors, ensuring clear communication and reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

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When you’re ready to build your team, Zegal has everything you need to start employing staff. If you need to let people go, we can help with that too.

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If you need professional help, you can reach out to a qualified lawyer at the click of a button.


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From contracts and agreements to policies and compliance documents, our extensive library addresses every aspect of a startup’s journey, providing peace of mind and a robust legal foundation for your emerging business.

With a Zegal plan tailored for startups, you can access a wealth of comprehensive, customisable, and user-friendly legal templates designed to fulfil all your entrepreneurial requirements.

In addition, you’ll benefit from expert guidance, regular updates, and seamless integration with various tools to streamline your legal processes.

All startup-focused plans grant access to these premium templates and additional resources so your startup can thrive and grow.