Overview of a Notice of a Special Meeting of the Directors

What is a Notice of a Special Meeting of the Directors?

A Notice of Special Meeting of Directors is a notice given to the board of directors of a company to inform them of a special meeting.

These special meetings of the board are held to discuss urgent business that can’t wait until the next general board meeting.

The notice also includes when and where the special meeting is to take place, and when the directors are to respond to the notice.

Why is the Notice of a Special Meeting of the Director’s Necessary?

Special meetings are held in between the regular meetings to discuss urgent matters about the business. Normally regular meetings are conducted weekly or monthly to discuss general issues, but if a business has something important to discuss urgently then this notice is given to all board members specifying the exact purpose of the meeting.

How do you Write the Minutes of a Special Meeting?

The minutes written for special meetings are quite similar to general meeting minutes. Make sure to always include:

Time, Date & Location: Always document where and when the meeting was held

Names of Board members Who attended and did not attend the meeting.

Exact Purpose Why the special meeting was called.

Actions Agreed What was agreed by the board during the meeting


Every business conducts meetings according to their needs and requirements; they are typically done in weekly, monthly, or quarterly periods. Items that are discussed in those meetings include day-to-day operation, company growth and expansion, and other mundane issues. Sometimes serious issues arise that need urgent resolution; in those cases, a business cannot wait for the next general meeting, and hence a Notice of a Special Meeting of Directors is called.

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