99 problems but legal ain’t one

Startup legals are a funny business. You need to
think about them before you even choose which country you’re operating in, and they crop up again when you’re fundraising, and hiring, and scaling,
and selling, and starting up again…

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Join thousands of startups who’ve made their legals easy with Zegal

Error-free contracts in a jiffy

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Work with lawyers you trust

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Learn Zegal in minutes

We designed Zegal to be used by non-lawyers. So when we say you’ll learn it fast, we really mean it. If you can use Spotify you can use Zegal! You may not have quite as much fun using Zegal, but you’ll never have to hit ‘save as’ again, or worry about contracts again, or errors, or typos, or email, or wondering if your NDA is ever going to get signed….
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Personalised contracts that match your style

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Saved in your cloud drive

When all your contracts are digital, they don’t need printing. That’s not just good news for the environment, it also means no clunky files in your office and more space for you. All Zegal contracts are automatically sent to your preferred cloud drive, and we’ll send you notifications on key dates from your most important contracts.
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Other things you can do with Zegal

Speed up your contract processes
When you want to quickly send out a contract you’ve agreed in the past (without any of the negotiation), this feature auto-creates a brand new contract with a new contract date. You can make any changes you need, like fees or contact details and send for e-signing.

Get insights from digital contracts
Contracts you build in Zegal are much more intelligent than the ones you signed in Word. That means you can do all sorts of clever things with them. Zegal’s Document dashboard tells you when all your important contracts are up for expiry or renewal.

Common questions

How do we use Zegal in our startup?

How much does contract management software cost?
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Can we connect Zegal to our CRM?
Yes! By connecting Zegal to your CRM (Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot etc) using a service like Zapier, you can pull contact information straight from your CRM records into your sales contracts. You can also store the signed agreements against the contact record in your CRM once the deal is done.

Contact: sales@zegal.com

Why does Zegal make a startup’s life easier?
Our contract workflows are designed to get complex documents built very quickly, using the correct template, with no errors. This means that now anyone in the business can safely create contracts. The platform brings together all the people who need to be involved in getting the contract signed into one workspace. This increases the speed of collaboration and gets to signed quicker.

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