Overview of a Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Products

What is the Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Products?

The Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Products sets out the relationship between an online seller and a buyer which ensures the buyer agrees to the terms when purchasing from a website.

The Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Products govern the terms by which a seller sells products to customers online.

The products covered by the Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Products may be goods, services, or digital content.

How to implement Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Products?

There are various ways one can implement the terms and conditions on their websites. But it is very important for any business to make their customer aware of those conditions so the best way to make them aware and “sign” the terms and condition document is to add a checkbox before making any purchases.

How do you write terms and conditions for an online store?

Every business has its own terms and conditions according to their nature of the business but there are some important points which no business should avoid. Some of them are:

Shipping and Return policy: This policy clearly states the time required for shipping the goods and the conditions in which the goods can be returned.

Data Protection: This is important for every website that deals with online selling and makes its revenue through ads. Data protection basically covers things like privacy policy, cookie policy.

Payment Terms: This is another important thing to keep in mind before selling goods and services online. Basically, payment terms cover things like mode of payment such as payment required before shipping the goods and Cash on Delivery.

Product Information: Every Online business should have a product information or description section to make their buyer know about the product in a detailed manner. This covers the product quality, quantity, and warranty information.

Can I copy terms and conditions from another website?

Every business is different in terms of operation. So, it is very risky to copy terms and conditions from another website because the terms and conditions copied from another website might not fill your business needs, and hence there can be a possible legal consequence your business might have to face in the future.


The Terms and Conditions for Online Sale of Products only govern the terms of sale. You may also need to use the Terms of Use to set out how your site or applications may be used, and a Privacy Policy to explain how personal data is collected and processed.

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